Become a SaiDham Volunteer / Intern/ Ambassador


Join us in our mission in transforming lives of the poor, underprivileged and tribal people through volunteering.Sai Dham offers a diverse range of volunteering opportunities in causes like education, skill development, health care, performing mass marriages, clothes and sanitary napkin distribution and community development etc. Volunteering at Sai Dham are suitable for dynamic people looking to grow as leaders by:

  1. Spreading the message of our services through social media.
  2. Encouraging colleagues to financially support the causes.
  3. Encouraging corporate to support us through CSR initiatives.
  4. Teaching or by supervising the activities and/or by extending good thoughts.
  5. Any other method you can think of!

Your kindness to be a volunteer and invest your energy for the charitable cause shall give you priceless blessings of the God and a feeling of satisfaction for doing your duty towards the betterment of humanity. Please support us as a volunteer in any capacity that is possible for you.



Sai Dham offers internships throughout the year. Internship with us will enhance your professional skills. The interns will be awarded certificates.



Represent Sai Dham in your campus or work place as the Sai Dham Ambassador and promote the NGO’sservices to humanity .

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    SaiDham, Saidham Marg (Tigaon Road)

    Sector 86, Faridabad, 121014 (Haryana)

    Dr. Motilal Gupta (Founder Chairman)
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    Sandeep Gupta (Sr. Vice Chairman):
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    Beenu Sharma Principal & Admin:
    +91 9310-801-400

    Vocational Dept Incharge:
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    Accounts Dept:
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    Donations Dept:
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