Co-operative Farming

From generation to generation land has been divided, leaving small fields with the farmers who have been borrowing money for farming but due to uncertain yield and natural calamities, these farmers are not able to pay the debt. Dispute over division of land, of boundaries, water shortage are few of the problems that the farmers are facing.

Like AMUL Co-operative Society, we need to propagate co-operative farming of a few hundred acres each where each stake holder can have the share equivalent to his land. Having large chunk of land to cultivate, loss of land area due to boundaries and passages will not be there. The land units can grow vegetables, pulses, grain, fruits, and flowers. The co-operative society can also have its own Gaushala where cow dung and urine can be utilised for better crops. It can have it’s own cold storage, tractors for ploughing, trolleys/tempos for the movement of the produce. With the mantra of – Produce, Store and Sell the co-operatives will be self-sufficient and profitable. They can be also given scientific advice and bank loans etc.

Apart from the above mentioned advantages, as our ability to grow more crops will increase, our younger generation i.e. youth will also be encouraged to take part in the farming as agriculture will become a profitable business to them.

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