Malnourishment in India

1 in every 3 children in India is malnourished. More than 6,000 children, below the age of five, die every day due to malnourishment or lack of basic nutrients such as vitamin A, iron, iodine, zinc or folic acid.

Sai Dham Faridabad has taken up the task of eradicating the evil of malnourishment, one child at a time. All the students of Shirdi Sai Baba School are provided with healthy, nutritious meal, every day. Food charts are prepared with the view to provide balanced diet to the underprivileged students while also taking care of their tastes. After all, children like tasty food. Kitchens are maintained with utmost cleanliness and hygiene. Nutritious food is the prime requirement for a healthy body and mind.

Every Sunday, Sai Dham also serves healthy meals to more than 1000 people who visit the NGO.

Cooked rice and dal is sent to the leper’s colony, every single day.


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