Support Health Care Through Homeopathy

Considering the problem people face for health care, Sai Dham runs 18 dispensaries, supported by many philanthropists, that treat about 1000 patients per day. The visiting doctors provide free of cost consultation and medicines to the poor and the needy. General physicians, gynecologists, ophthalmologists (eye specialist), dentists and other specialists visit Sai Dham clinics and provide consultation and treatment to the patients. Besides at other places, there is also a regular Homeopathic Clinic at Sai Dham which has cured numerous patients suffering from diseases like epilepsy, diarrhea, dysentery, renal colic and dengue etc.

The founder-chairman Dr. Motilal Gupta himself has been practicing homeopathy since the 1950s while he was a student, and is credited of curing and providing relief to innumerable patients.

free healthcare for children

He has developed many combinations of homeopathic medicines for quick relief. Facilities of Acupressure, Acupuncture, and Psycho-Neurobics (cure through seven chakras without medicine) are also provided. Such facilities are a boon for the poor and needy patients of the nearby slums and rural areas that do not have money or resources to get access for costly health care at private clinics and hospitals.

While the private sector accounts for most of the health treatment benefits in the country, the state-run health sector still is the only option for much of the rural and semi-urban areas of the country. The lack of a qualified person at the point of delivery when a person has travelled a fair distance to reach is a big discouragement to the medical treatment seekersfrom the poor section of the society.

There have been many programs aiming to harness private expertise to provide public healthcare services. The latest is the new nationwide scheme proposed which accredits private providers to deliver services reimbursable by the Government. In an ideal world, this should result in the improvement of coverage levels, but does it represent a transfer of responsibility and an acknowledgment of the deficiencies of the public health system? The state and central governments should rise to the occasion and improve the services being provided by government clinics and hospitals.

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