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Inauguration of Homeopathy Dispensary by Sh. Anand Mohan Saran, IAS – 2000
Inaugration of Homeopathy Dispensary by Sh. Bijender Kumar, IAS – 2001

Dr. Motilal Gupta, Founder

Dr. Motilal Gupta, born in 1934 in a well known business family of Faridabad known as Mehndiwalas, graduated in 1955 from Benaras Hindu University. After having led a life of a seasoned businessman, Dr. Gupta accidentally one afternoon in 1986, felt within him an urge to serve the humanity. A desire grew within him that he should serve the cause of the underprivileged and today the institution is serving the humanity in various ways. Giving up his flourishing business and lure of money, from that day onwards he became completely dedicated to serve the poor and down trodden section of the society.

In February 1987, Dr Gupta set up an institution to serve the weaker section of the Society popularly known as Sai Dham, in about three acres of land donated by him for this purpose. And started serving the needy through Homeopathy of which he had quite vast knowledge. Homeopathy, is a system of medicine which tackles numerous ailments and gives immediate relief with medicines easily procurable and at reasonably low prices.  Subsequently he started setting up Homeopathic dispensaries and today 18 dispensaries are being run by his trust and serving about 1000 patients daily.

Dr. Gupta is a dedicated and a saintly person is totally engrossed in the service of the poor and neglected. A large number of persons both men and women, have been benefitted by Dr. Gupta’s treatment. It was not an unusual sight to see Dr Gupta running around in scorching heat with his kit of medicines to serve the people while he could afford to bask in the cool comfort of his house. Sai Dham, the complex that he has developed, has come up as a monument in the service of mankind.

Touched by the plight of poor children wandering aimlessly around Sai Dham, it occurred to him that these children needed an opportunity to be educated along with some incentives to motivate them to do so. He, in 2004, commenced Shirdi Sai Baba School with a modest number of 67 children from the nearby slums and motivated  parents to send their children to the school for getting absolutely free and quality education along with nutritious food, school attire, study material, sports, excursion tours and health care.

He in 2013 set up a branch of Shirdi Sai Baba School in Niswara DistMahoba in Bundelkhand- UP. Today more than 2300 children, hailing 100% from underprivileged segment of the society, are receiving free and quality education with the aforesaid amenities, 1600 at Shirdi Sai Baba School Faridabad (Haryana) and 700 at Niswara, DistMahoba (UP).

Nutritious food and regular health care has brought healthy glow and cheers on the faces of these children. The program is unique in approach and is a pioneering effort towards social upliftment and ultimate development of the weaker section of the society.

The schools are said to be amongst the best schools of the world providing free and quality education with aforesaid amenities, 30 smart classes with projectors/TVs and interactive boards, five computer labs with 151 computers, 105 KW solar power green energy at the roof top, well-furnished Chemistry, Physics and Maths labs and Library. The school at Faridabad is affiliated to CBSE.

To alleviate poverty Dr. Gupta initiated imparting vocational training, to poor youth hailing from rural areas, in computers with tally (certified courses from NIIT), beauty and wellness, Tailoring and dress designing (certified course by Singer India Ltd), mobile repairing, electricals, English speaking, hardware and net working, graphic designing etc.

Dr. Gupta to relieve the poor people from borrowing money on heavy interest, to marry their daughters, which they were normally not able to pay throughout their life embarked on another project of performing mass marriages of poor girls, four times in a year, with all rituals attached to the marriage, without any distinction of caste and creed and also without any burden of expenditure to their parents.. So far 1000+ girls have tied up the nuptial knot at Sai Dham.

The NGO,  directly benefitting over 5,000 children and 2,00,000 families, through more than 30 live welfare projects on education, healthcare, livelihood and women empowerment, in over 95 remote villages and slums across 4 states of India.

Today he is a known educationist in India and recently on 11th April, 2017 he was awarded a degree of Doctor of Philosophy by the Yoga Samskrutham University – Florida, USA.

Leading daily, the Hindustan Times in an article ‘Life dedicated to humanity’ in the issue of 18th July 2011 described Dr Gupta as Father Teresa of Faridabad.

Dr. Gupta’s mission in life is to serve the neglected, down trodden and the needy people. He is putting in Herculean efforts in the fields of providing free education, better health care, in wiping out hunger, alleviating poverty to the neglected segment of the society. His endeavours have taken rapid strides, reaching out to millions of people through his various services in the aforesaid fields.

The uniqueness of Dr. Gupta lies in the fact that starting his each activity at the lowest level, he has taken it to recognizable heights where it stands today and which has received appreciation all-around. Every aspect of sewa arising in his mind has been executed with excellence which is borne out by the facts.

Dr. Gupta is a glowing example of how an individual, with devotion to the Lord Sai and with dedication to the cause, can serve humanity and provide relief to the poor and needy from the miseries of life in numerous ways and at such a large scale. The services being rendered by Dr Gupta have been appreciated by several individuals, dignitaries and organizations.

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