For years, education has been the turning point for people to overcome their limitations. The invention of the great charitable foundation has encouraged gifted and hard-working children to have access to possibilities that they could not have imagined before.

Children are curious beings and great enthusiasts. We feel that youth is the torchbearer of the future. Definitely, the child of today will be the leader of a sparkling tomorrow. But there are miles to go ahead. There is a lack of proper ratio of Best NGO for children education for while rich parents literally award their kids with every luxury they can buy, the children who live a life in penury have a long way of struggle. There is no free air, no freshness in existence, and no zest to achieve any goals. In this total phase of darkness, where food and healthcare are far from their family’s reach, one man’s mission has brought about a light of hope in their era of glum, which we all revere as Dr. Motilal Gupta. Dr. Gupta’s scrupulous efforts to support these children have indeed breathed success and a lot of attention from various parts of the world. Being the founding chairman of Saidham, an NGO for child education that provides total free education and healthcare to poor kids, Dr. Gupta has been an invigorating personality that has transformed the thought of engaging child prowess into a dignified opportunity.

How to Spread Awareness of Education in India?



Education is an important tool to bring social positive change. Shirdi Sai Baba School run by Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Society are Educational Institutions like other best schools – But at no cost to the parents!! Schools provide not only 100% free and quality education to the needy, but also provide nutritious food, school attire, books, study material, etc. Its spreading knowledge about education people is most challenging (either rural or urban).

1.Importance of Girl Child Education


Importance of Girl Child Education

Generally, in rural areas, where people rarely want to send their daughters to school, they think that education is not important for girls.
Such a gender disparity in education is due to our society’s callous mentality, which sees women predominantly as housewives and family caretakers. Being educated provides an equal chance to be an employee and a professional worker. They use their learning as a boon that will help improve their families’ futures. Such as Sai Dham they have several modules that operate solely to ensure that all girls are educated and supposed to grow up as a capable adult she can not only take care of them but contribute more to their society as well. Skilled girls can also lead to stopping unfair society evils such as child marriage and dowry. Educating a girl child must be a necessity for the country’s overall development as women play an important role in the nation’s all-around process.

2. Save the Children Works for Education

Girls Child Education

Education is an important component of a living being, whether it is a boy or a girl. In Sai Dham, Save the Children reached out to the underprivileged children using a School awareness program. Education encourages a person to be smarter, to learn new things, and to understand the world’s reality. The need for an hour is especially important for women’s education in India.
In 2020, the NGO touched the lives of over 2000 children in the city of Faridabad via the Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Society is a charitable trust registered in 1988 at Faridabad, Haryana, India. It is a renowned NGO, popularly known as Sai Dham.

In India, a large number of children belong to distraught families and are devoid of affording quality education or health as effective child education charity programs are missing.
Education, along with higher education, helps today’s children to become important intelligent decision-makers. The NGO is closely associated with the vision of the government for education, jobs, and prosperity for all.



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