Dr. Verghese Kurein, was the visionary behind the world’s largest women empowerment, which changed the topography of Gujarat by starting the movement for production of milk in Gujarat which has today become famous by the name of AMUL. Dr. Kurein gave loans to women to buy cows, supply milk and the loan was adjusted against the supplies. Movement encouraged the women folk in rural areas of Gujarat to enlarge production of milk and Amul arranged its supplies in different forms across India.

  1. I humbly suggest that we should persuade farmers to adopt co-operative farming of 400 to 500 acres each.
  1. All the land owners will have share equivalent to their land and those interested to work can be given salaries
  1. This will remove the land wasted in boundaries, and solve many boundary disputes.
  1. Today’s youth will not plough the land by bullocks, but could be a part of large farming.
  1. In large farms, first they have lot of cows, goats and buffalos to produce milk and supply the same to consumers and help in reducing adulteration in milk and milk products.
  1. At the same time their dung can be used to produce Organic Compost.
  1. Farmers can grow flowers, fruits, grains, oil seeds etc. May be one crop get damaged, others will give them profit.
  1. For large farming Government can depute agriculture experts to guide them to grow profitable crops.
  1. Then can have deep and large size tube wells, own tractors and trucks.
  1. They can have large RCC roof for drying crops under shade to escape damages by rains.
  1. If it is an organized sector, even banks can give loans.
  1. They can have their own trademarks, clean and pack their crops.
  1. Likewise there could be numerous advantages and farmers would have better crops and earn enough out of farming.
  1. Thus the agriculture could be good and paying industry.

The Politicians have to guide and motivate farmers, have at least one big co-op farm in each district, to collect data and good progress will motivate other farmers to follow the same.

Dr. Motilal Gupta,
Founder Chairman