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55th Mass Marriages on 21.11.2021

Sai Dham performed Mass Marriages of 15 couples on 21st  November 2021 keeping all the SOPs of COVID-19 Protocols. Dr. Motilal Gupta, Founder Chairman, Sai Dham, fatherly figure for all of us with blessings of Sai Baba made all arrangements for tying nuptial knot of 15 girls with boys of their dream for the rest of their lives which included one blind couple. At the time of Bidai the couples were given all household items like Utensils, Sarees, Gents Suits, Gas Stove, Ceiling Fan, Mixer grinder, Bedding, Bi-cycle etc… to every couple to help them set up a new and happy living.

55th Mass Marriages in Faridabad
55th Mass Marriages Event
55th Mass Marriages in Faridabad
53th Mass Marriages

75th Independence Day on 15 August 2021

Sai Dham Faridabad celebrated 75th Independence Day with great enthusiasm and the tricolour was unfurled by the Chief Guest Shri Yogesh Sharma, Director NBCC DWC-LLC Students presented fantastic program in the true spirit of patriotism. Mr. Sharma praised the vision of Dr. Gupta and blessed all students with the words of encouragement. He said that he has visited many schools but today’s program was the best he has witnessed. He was amazed to see the grooming of the underprivileged children by Sai Dham. Ms. pragya prakash anchored the program along with the students. Ms. Beenu Sharma extended the vite of thanks and said that she is obliged that Mr. Vijay Kumar had brought such an illuminous guest.  Large number of Sai Dham associates also graced the program

75th Independance Day
75th Independance Day in India
75th Independance Day
75th Independance Day 2021

Shri Narendar Gupta Hon’ble MLA Faridabad

Shri Narender Gupta Hono'ble MLA Given First prize
Shri Narender Gupta Hono'ble MLA

Shri Narendar Gupta Hon’ble MLA blessing School Toppers and distributing uniforms to the students of Shirdi Sai Baba School, Tigaon Road, Faridabad. The school along with 100% Free Education, provides nutritious food, stationary, uniform. For the third consecutive year school’s CBSE board result was 100% for classes X and XII for the session 2020-21. Jyanti topped school with 92.2% marks in class X, Nandani secured second place with 91.2% marks and Sandeep securing third place with 91% marks and brought laurels to the School. Similarly, Monika topped school with 90.4% marks in class XII. Pinki secured second place with 90% marks and Abhyant Gupta secured third place with 88.4% marks. These meritorious students are pride of our school. The school philosophy of personalized attention, regular assignments, motivation, proper guidance and counselling along with remedial measures has indeed brought desired result in the Board Exams.

Dr. Motilal Gupta was also praised by MLA Nagendra Gupta and other members of the organisation for doing such a great and inspiring work for the welfare of the society and always encourage students to do hard work.

Shri Narender Gupta, the chief guest congratulated, appreciated and showered his blessings on the students. The first three Toppers of class XII board exams were rewarded with Rs. 51000, Rs.31000, and Rs.21000 respectively by Hon’ble Mr. Abhay of MGIS.

Shri Narender Gupta Hono'ble MLA Distribute Uniform
Shirdi Sai Baba School staff
Welcome Shri Narender Gupta Hono'ble MLA

54th Mass Marriages on 11.07.2021

54th Mass Marriages

So far, Sai Dham NGO performed the 1066 mass marriages in 54th such events in 4 batches per year in Faridabad. 1066 couples from underprivileged sections of society have tied the nuptial knot till date, 07 couples from disadvantaged sections were also part of this mega event. During COVID-19 also the mega event of mass marriages were performed following strict Government guidelines like social distancing and other SOPs were followed strictly. Elderly and children were not allowed at the event. As per the tradition of Sai Dham, newly-weds are gifted with many household items like bed rolls, bicycles, utensils, woolens, folding-cots, etc. All present from both sides Groom and Bride are served with Breakfast at the time of Arrival and Lunch after all rituals are performed.

54th Mass Marriages
54th Mass Marriages
54th Mass Marriages with Cycle

Mass Marriages on 29.11.2020

Sai Dham conducts Mass Marriages every year in 4 batches. More than 1000 couples from underprivileged sections of the society have benefitted from it till date. Due to the pandemic, this year Mass Marriage was conducted twice, first in February 2020 and the second batch on 29 th November.

14 couples from disadvantaged sections were tied in nuptial knot. The Government rules regarding social distancing were followed strictly. Elderly and children were not allowed at the event. As per the tradition of Sai Dham, newly-weds were gifted with many household items like bed rolls, bicycles, utensils, woolens, folding-cots etc. Many leading citizens of our society sponsored the event making it a grand success.

Stay tuned to know about the upcoming Mass Marriage ceremony.

53th Mass Marriage in Faridabad
53th Mass Marriages
53th Mass Marriages

86th Birthday of Dr. Motilal Gupta | Kavi Sammelan on 11.12.2020

Kavi Sammelan in Faridabad

11 December, 2020 was the special occasion of the 86th Birthday of the founder-chairman of Sai Dham – Dr.Motilal Gupta. The tradition of making merry, spreading happiness and distribution of Prasad at grand scale on Dr.Gupta’s birthday originated in 1987. Dr.Gupta feels that the sole purpose of his birth is to spread the message of his Lord Sai Baba. Every year 11th December is celebrated as the Annual Day of Shirdi Sai Baba School. Students entertain the audience with dance, music, drama and recitals. The event can be matched with those of rich private schools!
Due to the pandemic this year, Sai Dham board members decided to organize an online Kavi Sammelan to celebrate the 86th birthday of its Founder. Sai Baba’s message to spread happiness in the world was brought to light in the Kavi Sammelan where celebrated poets entertained the audience and filled them with laughter and joy.
Click here to watch the recording of the event. WATCH NOW

Kavi Sammelan 2
Kavi Sammelan 3
Kavi Sammelan 1

Clothes Distribution At ORMANJHI, JHARKHAND

Sai Dham collects donated clothes and other items and dispatches it to the far flung areas of the country to be distributed amongst rural and tribal people. Truck load of clothes, sanitary napkins and other material was sent to Jharkhand for distribution amongst the tribal populace. The distribution was carried out by our partner NGO – Abhinav Gram Foundation, Ranchi. Distribution of these materials amongst the deprived tribal citizens of our country brought priceless smiles on their faces.

Clothes Distribution in Jharkhand aa
Clothes Distribution in Bundelkhand a
Clothes Distribution to tribal people
Clothes Distribution to Needy poor People

Mobile Classroom During Pandemic Shirdi Sai Baba School Niswara

mobile-classroom in Niswara

No difficulty is big enough for Shirdi Sai Baba School towards its commitment to make each and every child of this country educated! The pandemic led to the closing of the schools throughout the country. But to keep the students of rural areas of Niswara engaged with their studies, Shirdi Sai Baba School decided to conduct mobile classrooms right in the village! Teachers carried blackboards and other stationary material in the school vans and taught the students so that they do not lag behind in their studies. It is to be noted that the students in rural areas do not have smartphones so online classes could not be conducted. Hence, Sai Dham came up with the unique concept of mobile classrooms. It was an enjoyable experience as the classes were held in the lap of nature, under a tree or beside a pond.

Mobile Classroom in Niswara 2
Mobile Classroom in Niswara
Mobile Classroom in Niswara 1

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