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India has made huge strides in the past decades in warding off the spectra of famine. Better farming techniques and food security policies have made mass starvation a thing of the past and it meant that India could feed itself at last. The Green Revolution should have gone a long way to tackling child malnutrition. Yet the problem of child malnutrition remains critical, and the reasons it deserves concerted attention are many. Besides the obvious moral obligation to protect the weakest in society, the economic cost to India is – and will be – staggering. In India 1 in every 3 children is malnourished. The situation is extremely critical because the effects of malnourishment are irreversible if they occur at a young age. It may lead to permanent disabilities.
A sound foundation is required for the overall development of a child. Worth noting is that those suffering from obesity often still fall within the diagnosis of malnourished. This is due to poor diets consisting of fast food and sugary products causing obesity while not providing the necessary nutrient intake the body needs. Due to this, many suffering from obesity will find themselves with some of the same health issues as those who are chronically underweight.

According to the National Family Health Survey, child malnutrition rates in India are disproportionately high. It is the third pan-India survey conducted since 1992 and the definitive guide to Indian health statistics). The results are sobering: 46 per cent of children under three are underweight, compared with 28 per cent in Sub-Saharan Africa and 8 per cent in China – another country with an enormous rural poor population. In addition to the 46 per cent who are underweight, 39 per cent are stunted, 20 per cent severely malnourished and 80 per cent anemic. More than 6,000 Indian children below the age of five die every day due to malnourishment or lack of basic micronutrients such as vitamin A, iron, iodine, zinc or folic acid. We at Sai Dham have been taking measures to eradicate malnourishment on a large scale. We provide free education to the underprivileged children and daily serve meals to 2000 children. Here a child is provided nutritious fresh meal in clean utensils and food is prepared in a hygienic kitchen under supervision. The food served at Sai Dham consists of a balanced diet which targets every important component required for a healthy body and mind. Every Sunday nutritious food is served to more than 1000 people. Eradicating malnutrition is a huge part of our philosophy of uplifting the backward classes to change the future for better.

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