Clothes Distribution to Poor People

In India, 60-70 % of the poor and the tribal population living in remote and backward parts of the country do not have adequate clothes to cover their bodies. Their children barely have anything to wear and often succumb to death as they can’t bear the harsh climatic conditions. To address this issue, Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Society popularly known as Sai Dham collects useable and unsoiled old clothes, footwear, blankets, utensils, toys etc. which remain unutilized in urban households due to changing fashion, colour fade or size mismatch.

At Sai Dham, the clothes are washed, pressed, packed and dispatched, along with other donated materials, to the far flung villages where the poor are battling severe cold, cyclones, floods year after year. Torn cotton clothes, cut pieces and cuttings (Katran) are recycled into sanitary napkins. Packets full of sanitary napkins are also dispatched with the clothes and other materials to improve the health and hygiene of the womenfolk of the backward areas. 

Sai Dham has set up centres for collection of the material in NCR, metro cities and large towns, and has also set up a separate department to collect, sort, wash, press and pack clothes which are then labelled as “ladies’ suits”, “gents’ pants and shirts”, “sarees”, “children clothes”, “woollen clothes”, “blankets”, “bed sheets”, “quilts”, “footwear”, “utensils”, “toys”, and “old flexes” etc.

Theseitems are then dispatched in 3 to 4 truck-loads per month to the partner NGOs or social workers for distribution to tribal and poor people in remote areas of Jharkhand, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Bundelkhand in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh etc.

Sai Dham also encourages beneficiaries to undertake sustainable development programs in their areas, like construction of check dams, cleaning of ponds and wells, repairing of roads and tree plantations to preserve their local environment in lieu of the clothes and other materials given to them and financially supports them for the material used in the sustainable development programs.

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