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Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Society is a registered Not for Profit organization to deliver impactful social initiatives for companies and foundations. It works towards designing and implementing holistic social development projects across multiple causes including Education, Women’s empowerment, Skill, Health, and Livelihood.

Free & Quality Education

Touched by the plight of poor children from neighboring clusters, loitering aimlessly around our campus, it occurred to us that these children needed an opportunity to be educated along with some incentive to motivate them to do so. We, therefore, in April 2004, established ‘Shirdi Sai Baba School’ for providing 100% free and quality education to poor children with food, uniforms, books, study material, sports, health care and excursion. The motivation to poor people bore fruit and the number of children has since risen to more than 1500 at Faridabad 600 at Niswara Dist Mahoba – Backward Bundelkhand UP out of which over 50% are girls. The schools are as good as any public school in India and the school at Faridabad is now affiliated to CBSE upto Senior Secondary level with English medium.

Education Group Photo

Preschool-KG classes

Brain development happens from 3-6 years of age and unattended rural kids in this age-group effects overall development of children. Keeping this in view we have setup Preschool-KG classes on the basis of performing arts under guidance of Buildingkidz Inc USA for last four years and the children coming out of this class have a bettert IQ and desire to learn.

Child Education in Delhi NCR

Initial hurdles:

Initially when the school was started the absenteeism in the school was very high and even the parents were reluctant to send their wards to the school, instead expecting them to work and add to the family income.

High Quality Computer Education:

To make education of these children compatible with the modern technology, we set up new technology based computer five labs consisting of 151computers, internet, printer and LCD with coaching under the direction of NIIT for the overall development of these children.

Computer Classes in Faridabad

Smart Classes

For bringing a successful transformation to Digital Technology, Thirty four Smart Classes, with ‘Interactive Boards and Projectors’ have been introduced where teachers now use videos, animations, live images and captivating graphics right inside their classrooms making  learning more interesting and effective for the students.

Class Education


Students are sent on excursions from time to time to Ranthambhore, Agra, Fatehpur Sikri Bharatpur, Mughal Gardens, and other places in and around Delhi at institution’s expenses to provide them recreation and enrich their knowledge.


Changes brought in

Nutritious food and regular health care have not only brought healthy glow and cheers on the faces of these children but have also brought in a great improvement in the interest that these children are now showing in their studies and in the regularity of attending the school.

Other Facilities

A well-furnished library, excellent chemistry, physics, biology and maths labs, meditation and cultural activities with indoor and outdoor sport facilities are also provided to these students..

Opening of School in backward area

Since education is essence of progress, it needs innumerable temples of learning. Our NGO is committed to promote free and quality education in the country to ensure that no child remains illiterate.  In pursuance of this mission, we have set up replica of Shirdi Sai Baba School in Bundelkhand’s backward village Niswara, Block Panwari, District Mohaba (UP).

School in Niswara UP

Skill Development:

To provide an opportunity to girls hailing from under-privileged segment of the society, the institution is imparting free training in the trade of ‘Tailoring on Industrial Sewing Machines’ and within 30 days of the training, trainees are provided placements in Exports Houses at a monthly salary of Rs. 10,000/- per month with ESI & PF benefits. Dress Designing, Beauty & wellness, Computer education and General Duty Assistant (GDA) Patient Health Care are some of other training course run here.

Skill Development in Faridabad

 Mass Marriages – A Boon to Poor Families

To mitigate hardship of poor parents, mass marriage of about 100 girls is performed four times in a year, irrespective of caste, creed and without any expenditure to their parents. So far more than 1000 marriages have been performed. This is being primarily done to solve difficulties, the poor people face in arranging funds for marriage of their daughters for which they often are forced to borrow few thousands on interest even at 5% per month that many a times they are unable to repay throughout their lives.

Mass Marriages in Haryana

Health Care Services

When the NGO was established in 1988, a desire soon grew that we should serve the cause of the poor and needy through health care and established, one by one, eighteen charitable homeopathic dispensaries and other medical services serving about 1000 patients daily through:

  1. Homeopathic clinics
  2. Eye Clinic.
  3. Allopathic Clinic
  4. Psycho Neurobic Clinic (Cure of seven chakras without medicine)
  5. HIV-AIDS and Family Planning awareness.
  6. Blood Donation and COVID 19 Vaccination Camps.
Healthcare checkup in Saidham

Distribution of Clothes

In India 60-70% tribal and poor people do not have adequate clothes to cover their bodies. The situation is worse during winter season. We collect unsoiled old clothes, toys, shoes etc., recycle them and send two truck-loads per month to our associates in Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra for free distribution to tribal and poor people.

Clothes Distribution to Tribal

Distribution of Sanitary Napkins

The unhygienic period health and disposal practices can have major consequences on the health of women. this can increase a women’s chances of contracting Cervical Cancer, Reproductive Tract Infections, Urinary Tract Infection Hepatitis B infection, and Various Types of Yeast Infections, to name a few. For safeguarding their health, we have started manufacturing and supplying Sanitary Napkins to the rural girls and women through various corporate and social organizations.

Sanitary Pads at Saidham

Conversion of waste into Organic Compose and Bio enzyme

Students are being taught here to convert kitchen and garden waste into Organic Compose and Bio enzyme through kitchen wasteof their houses. Thus reducing accumulation of waste and converting into useful pesticides free of chemicals.

Organic Compose and Bio enzyme

Tax Exemption u/s 80G

Donations from within India qualify tax exemption u/s 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961.


Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Society, is registered:

  1. Under CSR by ROC under Ministry of Corporate Affairs vide Regn No. CSR00000344 and
  2. Under Darpan by Niti Aayog with Unique ID: HR/2017/0117254
  3. Under 12A vide Regn No. AADTS5072ME2021401 dt. 28.5.2021 effective As Y 2022-23
  4. Under 80G vide Regn No. AADTS5072MF2021401 dt. 28.5.2021 effective As Y 2022-23

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