Ms. Anjali Prasad is a brand student of Shirdi Sai Baba School. She was enrolled in the year 2013 in Class V. She continued in school upto Class VIII. Due to her star performance, at our request, she has been provided free education by D.C. Model Sr. Sec. School, Faridabad. She is giving her best performance there also and has made us feel proud of it.
When she joined Shirdi Sai Baba School, SaiDham way back in the year 2013, her family was living in jhuggi and for their livelihood, they were dependent on one cow which her father had bought by taking a loan and she used to help her father in looking after the cow. School management committee persuaded her father to send her to school. Although belonging from such background. She studied hard and gave her the best where ever she got the chance. She is a very good speaker, full of confidence. She has been one of gem student of our school. Because of her talent and consistency in studies, she has been supported by one of our donor Mr. RavinderThota of Canada, who has recently gifted her a new laptop. The environment provided by Shirdi Sai Baba School has played an important role in shaping her career and grooming her from a jhuggi student to a competent student who can bravely stand in today’s world.

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