Education is a movement from darkness to light. Therefore “Tamso Ma Jyotirgamaya” is a tagline of many board and universities in India. But after 70 years of independent, we could not have given proper & quality education for every child in India. Hence, there are several NGOs in our country who are doing tremendous work in the field of education.

In this article, we will try to clear your vision how they work and the Best NGO for quality education for unprivileged children in Faridabad India. But before it, let me also clarify that providing quality education to all children of India has become the priority of both the State and Central governments. But the results are not satisfactory; still, there is a gap between the Government plans and their implementation.

However, at this time many organizations are doing a fantastic job with the help of individual donors and private firms, who have been supporting charities organizations to bring every child under the ambit of education. Before we talk about how NGOs are contributing to provide proper & quality education for every child in India, why they still needed even after many governments school education initiatives in India.

Why are NGOs required for the education in India?

India is a vast country with 125 billion populations, government alone are not able to bring all children into the fold of education. At present, around 18 million children in India are not registered in any school. Hence, there is different between the registration for education and taking proper education. Along with it, retention rate in schools is still abysmally low and a large number of children drop out the school before eight standards.

The worst thing is the status of girl child education in India, most of the girls in rural areas not been educated as they are to be eventually married off without giving them proper education. In this condition, the role of the civil society is more important in order to ensure that the proper education for every child in India. Therefore, they need to contribute with the NGO for Child Education like “Saidham”, who have been working at the sheer grass root levels to extend education to underprivileged children in Delhi, India.

The Saidham has been trying hard to strengthen the existing education system and network and trying to ensure every underprivileged child should get the quality education in India. The best part is, Saidham team works at the grass root level, connecting with the masses and spreading awareness on the health & education of underprivileged children in Delhi so that they can get a good education. Everyone can support and be a part of their revolution in the field of education. You can also Donate for education, so contribute your bit in educating the most underprivileged children of India and your donation would also get tax benefit under section 80G.

How are NGOs contributing to education in India?

Best NGO for child education in India like Saidham has been spearheading the movement to provide quality education for underprivileged children and deprived children of India. Many organizations are working in most remote and marginalized areas of India. NGO for Child Education like Saidham ensures that the benefits of the Right to Education Act reach to the poor children education. They emphasize on all children, irrespective of their origin should go to school, play, interact and learn like children of their age. They are devoted and trying to secure poor children’s life of dignity. So that underprivileged child can also contribute to the betterment of the Indian economy, instead of becoming criminals.

Donate to NGO for the education of poor children and help them spread education by the following points:

Awareness amongst the parents: One of the best aspects of NGOs to boost the spread of education and awareness amongst the parents & communities regarding child education. At this stage, quality education is the legitimate right of all children, no matter which social or economic background they come from, this message should be spared at wide range across India. At present, most of the backward communities, children are squandering their childhood in factories and parents and elders are dropping out them from the school instead of sending children for education. There are several reasons behind that but every parent wants their child should get the education. Therefore, Saidham trying to make their dream come true by providing free and quality education for unprivileged children in Delhi NCR.

Improve the penetration of quality education: The most important aspect to improve the penetration of quality education among the poor children of India while learning as a fun experience. Child education NGOs like most trained teachers to impart learning using child-friendly and interactive teaching-learning methods to make children’s interest in Education. They provide the high-class libraries and infrastructure right, conducts computer and English & computer classes along with the extra-curricular activities and sports.

A unique learning methodology: Best Non-profit organization and active NGO in Delhi NCR for the free education for underprivileged children like Saidham has proved to give a unique concept of learning methodology which helps children learn better and fast and also promotes healthy competition in the school. With this perspective, they save the children encourages and helps children to undertake learning activities in the in classrooms.

Therefore, NGOs are playing an important role in the spread of education to the unprivileged children in different areas and corners of our country. With the help of existing Government machinery of education and charity department for education along with the private organizations’ help, NGOs can ensure proper and quality education for every child in India and no child should be left behind in getting the quality education.

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