Tree Plantation & Parks

Rise in the construction of roads, bridges, airports, extension of towns and industrialization have erased many trees, forests and reduced rain water harvesting.

To overcome this erosion, it is important that planting of trees in the coming months of July/August be taken up on war footing. For this purpose, the following ministries need to coordinate and earmark areas where large number of trees could be planted, fenced, watered and maintained:

  1. Ministry of Road Transport and Highways ( For earmarking the areas on Highways)
  2. Ministry of Panchayat Raj & Rural Development (The lands with Panchayat be converted into forest/Park developments)
  3. Ministry of Tribal Affairs (To increase forests in the tribal areas)
  4. Ministry of Environment, Forest and climate change (Ministry to coordinate planting of trees)
  5. Ministry of Fisheries (to get the dirty ponds cleaned and fishes dropped in them.

Post Covid What - Tree Plantation - A necessity